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Superman fan?

Somehow it dawned on me recently, that I’m a pretty big Superman fan!


From the Superman and Action Comics, all the way to the latest film incarnation (although I was not a fan of many of the toys that came out for it).



What I can’t figure out is why it never occurred to me before, I mean I had considered my fandom of the X-Men and the like from when I was a pimply faced teen. It just sort of snuck up on me! Suddenly I was thinking “hey, I really do enjoy the big blue and red Boyscout”! Even more, I enjoy other incarnations of Supes, especially the villains like Bizarro and this dude…Ultraman from the Crime Syndicate Of America.


Anyway, just thought it was odd that this has been going on for a long while, seemingly, without my realizing it!

Adam West Batman

Loving these new Adam West Batman toys. They capture the feel of the old show!

So wonderfully thin, very posable as well.


Hickory Con

I was honored to be a guest at Hickory-Con this past saturday! It was a fun day.
My table mate was Eric Stafford, he is a great artist and did lots of comissions in trade for neato items, such as this ultra large Batman figure.……

Here are few shots of my table with my stuff, spread all over it, like sweet, sweet jelly.


We even had Spidey show up and pose for a few quick pics!



Last year, around this same time, before Heroes Convention I created a mini comic based on these little guys…


My buddy Brad Rader creator of fine toy art called Battle Babies took a shine to the comic and the toys it was based on…


He created one of the characters from the comic!
Just recently, he found four more toys from the same toy line. Oddly enough almost exactly the same time last year that I found the first four. He sent them to me, being the rad guy that he is!


Did you notice that he altered one of those guys as well? The dude with the ball and chain hand? Cool, right?
I consider these guys the villains. Very soon I’ll start work on the mini-comic about them……
Shank Shank Kill Kill?

Flash Gordon

I love the 1980 Flash Gordon movie

That being said, as a kid I was full on afraid of one scene in it where a character called Klytus, essentially melts after croaking on some spikes

The very cool people at BifBangPow have made two versions of Klytus. “Normal” Klytus and… death scene Klytus!

That is just fun! These have been out for awhile, but I think it deserves a revisit!

Rad toys

The Toys-R-Us in Greenville SC, is having a moving sale, so I picked up some packages of these from JDNA

20130506-104905.jpg and I got this rad zombie guy, I’d been looking for!!