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Free Comic Book Day

Adam and Shawn Daughhetee of Dollar Bin! Check out what they have to say about todays doings!

20130504-113109.jpg do a double take at Shawn Daughhetee and her super cool altered shirt! Yep, thats a Thor shirt with a kitty in a hammok covered in donuts.

This is the kind of stuff I was drawing for most of the 6 to 7 hours that day!

This hyar is Kristen Smith and Wes Brooks, soon they shall wed……good luck with that Kristen!

Also had a ton of friends show up that I had not seen in a long time. One of them being Travis Goodwin

Trap is an old buddy that I went to the Fine Arts Center with.
Travis is a hoot, click his name to visit his website mostly about Rudy Ray Moore of Dolemite fame.
Here is my “good ‘ol buddy” J Chris Campbell giving me, what can only be called, a throttling!

The host of the day Richard Morgan and myself.


Just look how happy he is to have me there!

15 minutes til Free Comic Book Day is on!

Here’s Rob Venditti with his Blue Plate mayo. Ready for the day!


Free Comic Book Day eve

The calm before the fun storm, that will cover us at Richards Comics and Collectables tomorrow. Until then, here’s this……