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Dug Uckling punk rock edition

Here is a nice punk rock edition of my mini-comic Dug Uckling!


I found it in a friends car, but its rough and tumble! I think its funny, and kind of neat! Ha! If you want a regular one, sans dirty band-aid of course, leave a message!

The Simpsons

I recently got these neato Simpsons bendy figures.

This is another example of my being VERY late to the party, you’ll get that on here, as there are several sets of these. The Simpson Family, Zombie Simpson Family,The Nuclear Plant set, Tree House of Horror, Krusty the Klown Show, Springfield Elementary, a Best of Homer, and a Best of Bart……I think thats it?

The wonderful thing about these figures, in my opinion, is how flat they are! They look so cool like this. I like seeing sometimes off-model versions of characters!

I’m missing Smithers and the accessories for this set…just FYI.