Great weekend at SC ComicCon!

I had a wonderful time meeting all the fans and talking with old friends at SC ComicCon this passed weekend!


Here is a sheet of drawings I did for someone that was making buttons….

Hand drawn buttons, very cool idea!

Saw some friends that surprised me on Sunday with the shirts they bought on Saturday!


Thanks you two!

For fun here’s a picture from my drive home.

 A terrific time! Can’t wait until next year!

SC ComicCon tomorrow, no fooling!!


New screen printed Ts process part 2.

Here we have one of the screens that I “burned” from the artwork from the last post…..


Basically a stencil. Using light sensitive photo emulsion, again the image is burned onto the screen.

Here are a few samples of the finished shirt…





All will be available for the first time at  SC ComicCon on April 2-3 in Greenville SC! Thanks for reading!


New T-Shirt for SC ComicCon

Here’s a few pics of the various stages of my work on a new T design. Here’s the original drawing…..

Next up, after the picture was scanned into CorelDraw 15, I worked on the color separations and the over all look of the design….

Then I print out the separations….


That’s all for now! Look for another post with more process. Thanks! 


What’s with this new brand at ye olde local haberdashrye (1425-75) or haberdashery if you’re not into late Middle English?


  Actually…..not to shabby! The flavor of the chips remind me of Charles Chips.

Cha-Ching is, in fact, the Food Lion grocery store chains rebranding of their own in house products. I find it refreshing and I love the labels! Not only that, but it IS cheaper in most cases, and are you aware that store brand foods usually are a tad bit more healthy than national brands? Way to go Food Lion, I dig the new look!

It’s Groundhog Day!

Enjoy this vintage Groundhog Day inspired comic….


Charlotte MiniCon!

This passed Saturday I was honored to be a guest at the Charlotte MiniCon put together by the fine folks at Heroes Aren’t Hard To Find! 

I had some new stickers on hand, you know since Val-tines day is coming up….

Speaking of love, I found a new one that day…..old Overstreet Price Guides! Look at this cover, I was smitten immediately!

I shelled out $10 for it, and later a comics dealer friend noticed I had it, he looked it up in the latest Overstreet and discovered it’s worth around $70! I was floored, and now intrigued. Later in the day I came across another one that I had seen earlier in the day that the dealer was asking $30 for, however the second one I found was only 5 dollars!!!

This one, had it been in mint condition, would’ve been worth $140 bucks! It was still worth about $80 in the condition it was in. Who knew?! A very odd, but fun, theme of the day! 

Charlotte NCs local CW station was there as well, giving out prizes. I got this FLASH t-shirt for a certain little person in my life.

It’s from the TV show. Have you seen it? It’s very good! They also had some Legends of Tomorrow shirts, I personally would’ve liked one of those!

Such a great day, and a fantastically fun show!

Strip! Did I post these already?!?


1961 Yogi Bear game!

Someone that I love gave me this incredible Yogi Bear game for my birthday a few days ago….

It’s from 1961, which puts it at 55 years old. The art is just simply amazing!


All the pieces are with it plus the instruction sheet. The game box is complete and intact, a rarity for certain! 

A wonderful birthday gift! Here’s to a great new year!


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