Free Comic Book Day

Adam and Shawn Daughhetee of Dollar Bin! Check out what they have to say about todays doings!

20130504-113109.jpg do a double take at Shawn Daughhetee and her super cool altered shirt! Yep, thats a Thor shirt with a kitty in a hammok covered in donuts.

This is the kind of stuff I was drawing for most of the 6 to 7 hours that day!

This hyar is Kristen Smith and Wes Brooks, soon they shall wed……good luck with that Kristen!

Also had a ton of friends show up that I had not seen in a long time. One of them being Travis Goodwin

Trap is an old buddy that I went to the Fine Arts Center with.
Travis is a hoot, click his name to visit his website mostly about Rudy Ray Moore of Dolemite fame.
Here is my “good ‘ol buddy” J Chris Campbell giving me, what can only be called, a throttling!

The host of the day Richard Morgan and myself.


Just look how happy he is to have me there!

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