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Dungeon Degenerates part 2.

I’ve made it 10 days into drawing fantasy RPG monsters for each day in September!

Day 5 was a Lich!

Day 6 was a “Watcher” better known as a Beholder.

Day 7 was a GHOST!

Day 8 was a BRUTE! 

Day 9 was a Mermaid.

And Day 10 is a BUGBEAR, I drew him in my closest imitation of Chuck Jones and Tom & Jerry. 

Thanks for looking! I hope you enjoy!


Received a beautiful signed copy of Bacchus Vol. 2 today!

I couldn’t be more pleased to finally have all of these stories collected into two omnibus volumes. Waaaay back in high school, I tried to collect as many issues of Deadface and The Eyeball Kid as possible. They were tough to find. Huge gaps in my collection resulted in my not being able to comprehend most of the stories.  My time at Top Shelf is now complete in my mind with receiving this volume. One of their best releases. I’ll end this post with the Bacchus item I bought from Chris Staros at one of the first shows I’d met him at, HeroesCon! 

Thank you Chris, thank you Top Shelf and thank you Eddie Campbell. All of you helped my love of comics grow and evolve.

Dungeon Degenerates!

I’m trying to participate in drawing a different fantasy RPG monster for every day in September.

Here are the monsters for the first four days……

Day 1: GOBLIN!

I decided to rehash an older sticker design as I was behind a couple of days.

Next up

Day 2: TROLL!



Day 4: WYRM!!

I’m hopeful that I will draw the whole month. So far it’s been a lot of fun!