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Quick grawins for folks….

A couple of quick projects!

This one is for a friend….

And another for someone’s mini comic….

The second one above is the scanned and cleaned up version. I hope to see the mini comic someday!

HeroesCon in Charlotte NC is only a day away!

Here are a couple of completed items I’ll have for the show…..

Those are my new “murder burger” t-shirts! ‘Cause, you know, when you have a tasty burger…….you kinda wanna kill it! They are ketchup on mustard and mustard on ketchup! Limited print run, sort of testing them out.

This is the final design from the last post. I decided to go with it as mug art work. BTW…..I don’t really “wolf” my coffee, but you get the idea….right?!

Finally……I’m on the guest list! L👀k,  I’m at the top of the list (due to alphabetical order, but still!)!

Come see me at the show! I’ll be tabling at AA-1223. 

New work for debut at HeroesCon Charlotte NC!

Here are a couple of new things I’m kicking around…….

These aren’t finished. I need to play around with ’em a bit more. But maybe a sticker and coffee mug design?