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What’s with this new brand at ye olde local haberdashrye (1425-75) or haberdashery if you’re not into late Middle English?


  Actually…..not to shabby! The flavor of the chips remind me of Charles Chips.

Cha-Ching is, in fact, the Food Lion grocery store chains rebranding of their own in house products. I find it refreshing and I love the labels! Not only that, but it IS cheaper in most cases, and are you aware that store brand foods usually are a tad bit more healthy than national brands? Way to go Food Lion, I dig the new look!

It’s Groundhog Day!

Enjoy this vintage Groundhog Day inspired comic….


Charlotte MiniCon!

This passed Saturday I was honored to be a guest at the Charlotte MiniCon put together by the fine folks at Heroes Aren’t Hard To Find! 

I had some new stickers on hand, you know since Val-tines day is coming up….

Speaking of love, I found a new one that day…..old Overstreet Price Guides! Look at this cover, I was smitten immediately!

I shelled out $10 for it, and later a comics dealer friend noticed I had it, he looked it up in the latest Overstreet and discovered it’s worth around $70! I was floored, and now intrigued. Later in the day I came across another one that I had seen earlier in the day that the dealer was asking $30 for, however the second one I found was only 5 dollars!!!

This one, had it been in mint condition, would’ve been worth $140 bucks! It was still worth about $80 in the condition it was in. Who knew?! A very odd, but fun, theme of the day! 

Charlotte NCs local CW station was there as well, giving out prizes. I got this FLASH t-shirt for a certain little person in my life.

It’s from the TV show. Have you seen it? It’s very good! They also had some Legends of Tomorrow shirts, I personally would’ve liked one of those!

Such a great day, and a fantastically fun show!