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STEVEN by Doug Allen, the best!

Found a comic of Steven by the hilarious and talented and sick and twisted Doug Allen…

Done in the style of the old “read-along” books, that had a record.

They did the same with this particular Steven comic. Also has two bonus tracks. Hard to believe this is from the year 2000 (insert Conan O’brien sound here!). It seems so new to me. I visited the website and it appears to be defunct, sad because I want more hilarious stuff like, Steven and Fi-Fi Doodle! Great stuff, I hope to see more…

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen!

I recently received the latest collection of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen from my friends over at Top Shelf

A beautiful book, packed with lots of extras! Some of those (only 500 copies) signed by the creators, Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill! Like my copy for example!!!!

Sweeeeeet! Thanks Top Shelf, BOK, BOK!!!

Auburn rubber

Check out this neat old rubber truck…

It was created sometime in the early 1950s, by the Auburn Company.

Old toys like this have such wonderful personality! The driver and the passenger could easily be on a long haul from somewhere (Alaska? I dunno?). All they need are a couple of packs of Lucky Strike cigarettes and a thermos of coffee!

Here it is delivering the tomato for my next tomato sandwich!

Thanks fellers!!


Star Trek…again!

For those that know me…you already are privy to the fact that I love all things Star Trek. Even if you are unaware you are now, well, aware! Haha!
Here are two of my latest Trek acquisitions!

One of course being a Star Trek version of the popular game Catan, and, a new book series, involving the Star fleet cruiser Endeavor (featured on the cover above) and the Star fleet scout class ship, the Sagittarius. I’m very excited about both, but, mainly with the book as it is a seeming continuation of, the now defunct, Star Trek: Vanguard. These two ships were featured in the ,highly enjoyable, Vanguard series about the Vanguard Station. Set in the same time period of the original Star Trek series. Highly recommended if you are a fan of Star Trek!