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A few this ‘n that’s from HeroesCon

Hammerstein ( a very cool action figure, created by the great Brad Rader creator of Battle Babies) a Dark Shadows Joke Book and one of my own ceramic cyclops pieces.


HeroesCon begins today!

Here’s a sampling of a few items I’ll have for purchase at the show……

and some stickers…


HeroesCon time is near!!

Well your ‘ol Meat Loaf Freak will be set up at HeroesCon 2014! Looking forward to making new friends and hanging out with old buddies ! I’ll be there all three days Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The 20th, 21st, and 22nd of June. Check me out and all the swag at the following table…

Hope to see you there!

Casey Kasem

Lost someone that had a big impact on my childhood and personality.

I will still enjoy all the great cartoons you voiced! R.I.P

Dungeons & Dragons!!

I love to play D&D, that said, I never get the chance much anymore. So I buy dice and D&D books and read them, maybe even roll a character up every now and again, and sometimes I draw Dungeons & Dragons monsters such as this beholder…

Colored in a nice Beholder pink bubblegum!
Or a naughty little goblin, how ’bout it…

Anywho…I love you fantasy RPGs!!

Friday the 13th!

Have some spooky fun today! Read a spooky story, or watch a spooky flick, go on a ghost hunt or look for cryptozoological specimens like this for example…