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Superman fan?

Somehow it dawned on me recently, that I’m a pretty big Superman fan!


From the Superman and Action Comics, all the way to the latest film incarnation (although I was not a fan of many of the toys that came out for it).



What I can’t figure out is why it never occurred to me before, I mean I had considered my fandom of the X-Men and the like from when I was a pimply faced teen. It just sort of snuck up on me! Suddenly I was thinking “hey, I really do enjoy the big blue and red Boyscout”! Even more, I enjoy other incarnations of Supes, especially the villains like Bizarro and this dude‚ĶUltraman from the Crime Syndicate Of America.


Anyway, just thought it was odd that this has been going on for a long while, seemingly, without my realizing it!

Free Comic Book Day!!

I’ll be a guest at Richards Comics and Collectibles this Saturday from 11 until 7. Check out this poster by Brad Parton!