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The Simpsons

I recently got these neato Simpsons bendy figures.

This is another example of my being VERY late to the party, you’ll get that on here, as there are several sets of these. The Simpson Family, Zombie Simpson Family,The Nuclear Plant set, Tree House of Horror, Krusty the Klown Show, Springfield Elementary, a Best of Homer, and a Best of Bart……I think thats it?

The wonderful thing about these figures, in my opinion, is how flat they are! They look so cool like this. I like seeing sometimes off-model versions of characters!

I’m missing Smithers and the accessories for this set…just FYI.

Hickory Con

I was honored to be a guest at Hickory-Con this past saturday! It was a fun day.
My table mate was Eric Stafford, he is a great artist and did lots of comissions in trade for neato items, such as this ultra large Batman figure.……

Here are few shots of my table with my stuff, spread all over it, like sweet, sweet jelly.


We even had Spidey show up and pose for a few quick pics!



Last year, around this same time, before Heroes Convention I created a mini comic based on these little guys…


My buddy Brad Rader creator of fine toy art called Battle Babies took a shine to the comic and the toys it was based on…


He created one of the characters from the comic!
Just recently, he found four more toys from the same toy line. Oddly enough almost exactly the same time last year that I found the first four. He sent them to me, being the rad guy that he is!


Did you notice that he altered one of those guys as well? The dude with the ball and chain hand? Cool, right?
I consider these guys the villains. Very soon I’ll start work on the mini-comic about them……
Shank Shank Kill Kill?

Flash Gordon

I love the 1980 Flash Gordon movie

That being said, as a kid I was full on afraid of one scene in it where a character called Klytus, essentially melts after croaking on some spikes

The very cool people at BifBangPow have made two versions of Klytus. “Normal” Klytus and… death scene Klytus!

That is just fun! These have been out for awhile, but I think it deserves a revisit!

Rad toys

The Toys-R-Us in Greenville SC, is having a moving sale, so I picked up some packages of these from JDNA

20130506-104905.jpg and I got this rad zombie guy, I’d been looking for!!


Free Comic Book Day

Adam and Shawn Daughhetee of Dollar Bin! Check out what they have to say about todays doings!

20130504-113109.jpg do a double take at Shawn Daughhetee and her super cool altered shirt! Yep, thats a Thor shirt with a kitty in a hammok covered in donuts.

This is the kind of stuff I was drawing for most of the 6 to 7 hours that day!

This hyar is Kristen Smith and Wes Brooks, soon they shall wed……good luck with that Kristen!

Also had a ton of friends show up that I had not seen in a long time. One of them being Travis Goodwin

Trap is an old buddy that I went to the Fine Arts Center with.
Travis is a hoot, click his name to visit his website mostly about Rudy Ray Moore of Dolemite fame.
Here is my “good ‘ol buddy” J Chris Campbell giving me, what can only be called, a throttling!

The host of the day Richard Morgan and myself.


Just look how happy he is to have me there!

15 minutes til Free Comic Book Day is on!

Here’s Rob Venditti with his Blue Plate mayo. Ready for the day!


Free Comic Book Day eve

The calm before the fun storm, that will cover us at Richards Comics and Collectables tomorrow. Until then, here’s this……


Meet Duane on Free Comic Book Day!!

Wanna meet Duane & have him draw you a pic or sign something awesome?  Well come on down to Richard’s Comics and Collectables in Greenville, SC this Saturday May 4th, 2013 (freaking Starwars Day!) to celebrate FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!

Duane Cat

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