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New clay work

I started on this being a few weeks ago…

I didn’t start with a plan or any sketching this time.

He just…sort of popped out of my brain?!

Here are the finished results, after underlazing and glaze. 

And finally a few with some spooky mood lighting!

Stay spooky!

Progress on clay fantasy/RPG mini-busts

These are fresh out of the kiln! 

I’m very pleased with how they turned out. Two more sets of 2 for this first batch.

The set above is glazed and ready to be fired next.

Thanks for watching the progress!



Doing some slip casting and hand building work for myself. Possibly to sell? I dunno.

These are, as I stated, cast in slip from a chess set mold. I then remove them from the mold and modify them to reflect more of a fantasy/RPG aesthetic.

These are unfinished and have yet to be bisque fired. After firing I will most likely apply underglaze and iron oxide. They will then be fired again, and be finished!

Working in clay is one my most favorite things to do.

Heroes Convention, role playing games = FUN

A quick post of a few things I’m excited about having at this years Heroes Convention in Charlotte NC!

Dice bags! Designed and printed by yours truly…

A nifty, tiny zine about fantasy RPGs called DELVE #0!

A new sticker of an OGRE!

Plus a set of dice all collected into one package called the DELVE Adventurers kit!

To keep with the apparently fantasy world esq theme this year, I also screened a new print…

I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed making them! Come out this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to Heroes Convention 2017 and say hello, and get some goodies from me!

Homage to Hot Fries!


Here’s a neat Playmobil robot from their series 10 blind bag…..

I like heeeeem!

Inktober  so far….

Here are a few Inktober grawins….

I hope you enjoy!


I’ve been doing this Inktober thing, right after the month long monster a day of the Dungeon Degenerates of PORK Magazine! this is my favorite so far of Inktober….

Thanks for having a look! More soon!

Dungeon Degenerates part 2.

I’ve made it 10 days into drawing fantasy RPG monsters for each day in September!

Day 5 was a Lich!

Day 6 was a “Watcher” better known as a Beholder.

Day 7 was a GHOST!

Day 8 was a BRUTE! 

Day 9 was a Mermaid.

And Day 10 is a BUGBEAR, I drew him in my closest imitation of Chuck Jones and Tom & Jerry. 

Thanks for looking! I hope you enjoy!

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